Gikera & Vadgama Advocates: The Go-to Law Firm for Innovative Legal Services in Kenya

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates: The Go-to Law Firm for Innovative Legal Services in Kenya
The firm of Gikera & Vadgama Advocates (GVA) is leader in innovative legal services in Kenya

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates (GVA) is by many standards the most innovative law firms in Kenya. While many other law firms are steeped in tradition and afraid to try out new ideas, Gikera & Vadgama Advocates has built a reputation as the place where the boldest new ideas in legal practice are tested and proven. From being the first law firm in Kenya to have an in-house podcast to being the first law firm to host its own branded Golf Tournament, Gikera & Vadgama Advocates is always ready to put new and good ideas to test in service of its clients.

The firm which is on its 11th year since establishment has steadily grown from humble beginnings to one of Kenya's leading law firms with an increasing presence in the East African region and across Africa. It has achieved this by providing excellent and personalized service to its growing clientele combined with a bold and dynamic vision for the future of legal practice, the drive behind the quest for innovation at Gikera & Vadgama Advocates.

Today, Gikera & Vadgama Advocates is a full-service law firm boasting six (6) able Partners who are widely and consistently lauded as top notch lawyers and leading experts in their respective fields of specialization. True to its mission of providing high quality and innovative legal services to clients, the firm remains committed to breaking new ground and embracing emerging practices in law and business to provide value-added and practical solutions to its clients.

Thus, in the middle of Covid-19 lockdown, Gikera & Vadgama Advocates launched the GVA Legal podcast, a bi-monthly podcast featuring knowledgeable lawyers and professionals from different sectors of the economy to help demystify topical legal issues of the day for the public and its clients. The Podcast is now in its 11th Episode and has so far addressed legal issues around employment and labour relations, work injury, marriage, adoption and impact of Covid-19 on employment, cancer and human resource policy.

As proof of the length to which Gikera & Vadgama Advocates is ready to go empower its lawyers and to provide clients with the best counsel possible, the GVA Podcast hosted by firm's Dispute Resolution Associate Andrew Njenga, has even hosted advocates from other firms who are recognized experts in their field of specialization. These include Irene Kashindi, an expert in Employment Law and Partner at Munyao, Muthama & Kashindi, Leah Kiguatha, Marriage Law Guru and the Principal at Kiguatha & Company Advocates and Virginia Kimenyi, an Expert in Children and Adoption Law and the Principal at Kimenyi & Company Advocates.

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates made headlines as the first law in Kenya to host its own corporate branded Golf tournament, the GVA Golf for its lawyers and clients to interact in a relaxed environment. With the theme "When Golf Meets the Bar; That is perfect practice," the tournament was hosted at the Royal Nairobi Golf Club and attracted participants from the firm's corporate and private clients and service partners including Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI).

Gikera & Vadgama Advocates is also one of the few law firms in Kenya to engage a leading marketing research firm to carry out a market survey of what its clients and non-clients think about the firm, its quality of service and what clients expect from it. According to TIFA Research in its findings, "the results were impressive, on the attribute of customer service, GVA scored over 95%; on quality of professional services, GVA scored over 95% and on perception, technical knowhow and quality of service delivery, the firm scored over 95% too."

The findings of the market research partly informed the launch of GVA 2.0, the firm's current strategic plan to inform its purpose, mission, vision and approach for the next decade, 2020 to 2030.  GVA's purpose is "to provide High quality, innovative and reliable legal Services." The firm is on a mission "to be the go-to law firm for professional and client-centric legal services." The firm's overriding vision is "to be a dynamic law firm recognized for exceptional, consistent and reliable legal services across Africa."

The founding partner of Gikera & Vadgama Advocates Stephen Njoroge Gikera, his five (5) partners, five (5) associates and over fifty (50) paralegal and administrative members of support staff appear determined to build an innovative firm "suited to the modern economy and an interconnected world." And while a strategic plan is not what one would expect from a law firm, Gikera & Vadgama Advocates clients have come to expect out of the box approach and solutions from the firm which clearly lives on the edge of innovation.

Gikera & Vadgama has six departments each headed by one of the firm's partners namely, Stephen Gikera (Chairman of Partnership Board), Punit Vadgama (Senior Partner and Head of Infrastructure, Projects and PPPs), Kananu Mutea (Head of Dispute Resolution), Steve Ouma (Head of Corporate and Commercial Law), Stella Ojango (Head of Employment and Pensions Law and in-charge Intellectual Property and Anti-Counterfeits) and Emma Ochieng (Head of Personal Law). The firm has so far 3 branches in Nairobi, Mombasa and Nanyuki but seems poised to achieve unparalleled presence across Africa through partnership and digital innovations.

There is no doubt the innovative streak straddles every aspect of Gikera & Vadgama Advocates operations. In thought leadership, the firm has organized a number of world-class events for clients including Seminar for Zamara Pension Trustees and Legal Audit and Compliance Breakfast Training Event. And as if to prepare the clients for the future of innovation at Gikera & Vadgama Advocates, the firm is in the process of implementing GVA Kiosk, its proposed platform to offer over 150 legal document templates on demand for clients and others user in Kenya.

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