Dr. James Mworia, Advocate; Group CEO of Centum

Dr. James Mworia is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya, Chattered Accountant and Chattered Financial Analyst (CFA). He got his first job in 2001 as an intern at filling room at Centum where he is CEO today having held the position since 2008. Despite having a Law Degree from the University of Nairobi, being a Certified Public Accountant and a Chartered Financial Analyst at the time, Mworia accepted job and it made him who he is today. This is what he says:-

"My approach to life is that anything I have today, that is the best I have, and that is the opportunity I take. When I was an intern, the first job I had was in the filing room. I could have looked at that filing job and say it was below my capability; that I am a graduate and I should not be doing filing. But when I went into that room I said, 'what is the opportunity here.' And the opportunity for me was to learn about the business. I really took time to study the files. Two months down the road, we were raising capital and the CEO decided to administer a quiz  about the company. I scored the highest marks because I had been reading. And that is how I was identified and got a job."

Read his story from the Centum website: From Centum Intern to Centum CEO in 7 Years.

Listen also to TOK Talk 1st Edition where Dr. James Mworia spoke to TripleOKLaw Advocates LLP Team and Clients on the aspects of effective leadership and how it is integral to growth of organization.

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